Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift utilizes your body’s very own fat to lift, boost, as well as contour your behind. Dr. Ayman Shahine has actually fine-tuned the typical Brazilian butt lift to produce his unique SCOOP Lift buttock contouring procedure, which has actually been included in the nationwide media. Dr. Shahine’s very personalized strategy to the procedure brings in clients from around the globe to our technique.

How is your Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

Throughout the procedure, fat is eliminated from the components of your body where you do not desire it– such as the abdominal area, flanks, reduced back, upper legs, and also bra-roll location. After that, the fat is refined to separate just the absolute best fat cells. Lastly, the fat cells are re-injected to offer you a rounder, fuller, as well as bigger posterior. Dr. Shahine will certainly form your body with the eye of a carver, offering you a little waistline, attractive contours, as well as a rounded behind.

Your recovery after Brazilian Butt Lift

Your healing time for the procedure is generally just a little longer compared to the healing time for liposuction. Since the brand-new fat cells have to “take,” you will certainly have to beware regarding resting on your behind throughout the recovery duration. Dr. Shahine has actually exercised particular methods for resting, resting, as well as putting on a compression garment. Our personnel will certainly evaluate these procedures with you. Abiding by these standards aids individuals of our technique obtain the most effective outcomes feasible.

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Buttock Implants

The Brazilian butt lift gives natural-looking, resilient outcomes without the risks connected with fabricated implants. The procedure utilizes your personal fat, so there is no risk of denial, moving, or scarring that could happen around a man-made dental implant. Due to the fact that the repositioned fat cells will certainly establish their very own blood supply and also come to be an irreversible component of your buttocks, the outcomes will certainly last permanently.

There are 2 methods to produce a fuller as well as shapelier behind. One method is to position buttock implants. While implants could enhance the dimension of the butt, they could do little to enhance the general form. On top of that, implants lug Brazilian Butt LIft risks of infection, changing, and also interior scarring.

Questions and Answers about Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a typical name provided to a procedure that utilizes your very own fat to form and/or expand your buttocks as well as hips. This procedure integrates liposuction (the elimination of fat) from locations such as the abdominal area as well as back with Fat Transfer (the reinjection of this fat) to the buttock as well as hips. It is most frequently described as a “BBL”.

How is Dr. Shahine’s Brazilian butt lift differently than other doctors’ technique?

Dr. Shahine makes use of the very same standard facility as various other cosmetic surgeons – elimination of fat with liposuction and afterward the re-injection of the fat via fat transfer. Nevertheless, as a doctor that has actually been executing this method long prior to it came to be so prominent, he has the incredible experience that has actually enabled him to earn improvements. As an example, Dr. Shahine pays specific focus on the liposuction section of the procedure, causing enhanced shaping as well as contouring. Additionally, he has actually promoted the bottom-side-up heart form to the butt in which the buttock streams efficiently right into the hips. This form supplies a natural-looking look, also in the biggest butts.

Is a Brazilian butt right for my me?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a great procedure for anybody that wishes a bigger butt and/or hips, or simply desires a better form of the buttocks. If you have excess fat in various other locations, it could be made use of as “benefactor” fat as well as you are a great candidate for the procedure. This might not be an alternative for slim individuals that have no excess fat to contribute.

If I am too skinny for a BBL, should I gain weight?

Dr. Shahine highly opposes weight gain to prepare for a BBL. If you are also slim, and after that put on weight to ensure that you have readily available “contributor” fat, you should hang on to that added weight permanently! If you hang back to your regular weight after the surgical procedure, the moved fat will certainly reduce, and also your butt will certainly reduce.

Is this procedure only for women?

While this procedure is a lot more frequently done on females, it could likewise be carried out on guys. Concerning 12% of all Brazilian Butt Raises that Dr. Shahine executes are of males.

How long do the results last?

Since the outcomes are from the transfer of your very own fat, the outcomes will certainly last for life. The hair transplanted fat will certainly transform as your body adjustments. This implies that weight gain could trigger augmentation of the butt and also hips, and also fat burning might create shrinking of the butt as well as hips. Bear in mind though that the regular aging procedure will certainly proceed so the butt and also hips will definitely transform in time.

How much fat is needed for a BBL?

It typically takes extra fat compared to individuals recognize to obtain the very best outcomes. Dr. Shahine is understood for moving a huge amount of fat as well as this is most likely the reason that his outcomes show up much better compared to various other specialist’s outcomes. Dr. Shahine usually puts two times as much fat as various other specialists.

What other procedures complement a BBL?

A Brazilian Butt Lift could be integrated with various other body contouring treatments such as abdominoplasty, bust lifts, as well as breast augmentation. Occasionally these treatments could be integrated with a solitary surgical treatment, or your specialist might advise carrying out these in different surgical procedures.

What happens during the procedure?

The procedure is executed under basic anesthetic. It starts with liposuction. The gathered fat is after that re-injected right into the buttock and/or hips.

What’s the recovery time?

The healing time will certainly differ relying on the quantity of liposuction or fat transfer. Usually, we locate that individuals call for concerning 12 days of rests of job or institution. The discomfort, swelling, and also wounding could last numerous weeks. It could take a number of months to see the last shapes and size of your butt and also hips. The outright result could occupy a year to happen.

What are the possible side effects?

One of the most usual adverse effects are normally short-term and also consist of wounding, swelling, swellings, as well as crookedness. Sometimes, these shape flaws could be long-term. There is likewise the opportunity of difficult swellings in locations where the moved fat passes away. This is referred to as fat necrosis.

Why is there an increased chance of injury or death with BBLs?

The danger of fatality from any type of plastic surgery procedure is reasonably unusual and also happens in 1: 100,000 surgical procedures. The threat of fatality from a BBL is dramatically greater, yet still really unusual as well as approximated at 20: 100,000. Fatality is normally credited to embolism taking a trip to the lungs or the unintended shot of fat right into a capillary.

What else is important to consider when getting a BBL?

It is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon experienced in this specific procedure and also that could exactly how you thousands of his/her very own outcomes. This procedure is among the fastest expanding in regards to appeal. Nevertheless, not every cosmetic surgeon has the ability or experience to do it.

Can a BBL be reversed?

Fat could definitely be eliminated via liposuction.

What happens if I gain weight or become pregnant after a BBL?

Weight gain or maternity might change your outcomes. This is since the moved product is still fat, and also will certainly alter as your body modifications.

Aside from choosing the right surgeon, what else should I do to prepare for a BBL?

You have to make certain that your health and wellness is enhanced for surgical treatment. This suggests that your blood matter need to be regular as well as you need to be without any type of significant clinical problems. Likewise, your weight ought to be within a risk-free limitation, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 31 or much less.

Does it matter that I am a smoker?

Yes, cigarette smoking considerably boosts your danger for a medical difficulty and also particularly for a BBL, smoking cigarettes will certainly create boost loss of moved fat. Dr. Shahine calls for that you quit smoking for a minimum of 4 weeks previously, and also 8 weeks after your surgical treatment.

Why choose Dr. Shahine for your Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Dr. Shahine has actually executed hundreds of BBL treatments going back over One Decade. He has actually additionally carried out facility alterations of BBLs from various other specialists. His individuals pertain to him from throughout the globe for his experience with this procedure.